This project was done in collaboration with Angee Attar and Emily Mongilio. After investigating different social media products and seeing how they used space and grid systems, we created an video explaining these findings in the Instagram app and present a possible intervention. My role in this project was creating illustrations and animation in After Effects. 

Research  + Process

We began by looking at several different social media websites and analyzed how they used grid structures to present certain types of content. We chose to focus on Instagram because we found its evolution really interesting. Influenced by different apps like Snapchat and VSCO, we explored what it might look like if your Instagram profile was more customizable.

We challenged ourselves to make a video that was a little more playful than a typical UI walkthrough video and to convey our concepts clearly without showing any high-fidelity screens, instead relying on swiping motions and imagery to suggest the Instagram feed. Visually, we were inspired by the bright colors, nostalgic tones, and tackiness of 80s-influenced art.

Data collection that informed our video concept.
Some visual studies