Internship Project: Internal Tools

I was an intern on the Internal Apps team, whose mission is to solve design problems for a more productive and innovative LinkedIn. My part in that was working on the Dovetail project, which involves many apps for sales reps at LinkedIn.

The current Merlin Alerts experience.
What is Dovetail?

LinkedIn has a huge number of sales representatives, and over time there have been many tools built for sales reps to use, some of which has functionality that overlaps with others. Dovetail is an effort to evaluate these apps and combine the best and most powerful features into one place, so that sales reps can be more efficient and informed.

The part that I worked on was alerts for Merlin, which is a tool that sales reps use to manage all their accounts in one place. Currently, a sales rep will see all the updates on their accounts when they log in to Merlin, but they often find that they have to cross reference with other apps, or see information that is not necessarily relevant to them. The goal of redesigning it was to present an experience that is easy to use and provides timely, actionable information so sales reps as informed as possible about accounts.

Redesigned Alerts experience.
My Work + takeaways

To redesign the alerts experience, I worked with product managers and engineers to understand what features needed to be built. One highlight was conducting some sessions with sales reps (the users) to understand if the design is clear and useful for them as well as how this fits into their current workflow, and making revisions as necessary.

Intern Open House: Blueprint

In addition to the projects I did on my team, I also spent the first part of my internship working with the other UED interns on a project to brand our annual event, the Intern Open House.

Intern Open House

The Intern Open House is an event put on by LinkedIn every year. We invite design interns around the bay area to come to LinkedIn and discover what the design work and culture is like here. Each year, the design interns are responsible for coming up with a theme create a visual brand, and create deliverables for the event. We created a typographic system based on an isometric grid and collaboratively created an identity that was applied to shirts, signage, stickers, and marketing for the event.

Other work


• Working with engineers, product managers, other designers, and users to develop a product
• Understanding and applying LinkedIn's brand and design systems
• Conducting user feedback sessions and implementing features that meet these needs