New Velkro

Change is hard, especially if you don’t know too many people in a new environment. New Velkro is designed to help eliminate some of the awkwardness when you’re finding new friends. Get to know one another through understanding your priorities and values through fun  and easy-going activities.


Learn through your possessions. By sorting and talking about the things you own, you can connect as you trade stories and experiences from your past.

Priority Puzzle

Sometimes it’s easier to understand who we are when we understand what means most to us. What priorities do we have in common with others? Learn about where your new friends are coming from by learning about the things they care about.

Share Velkro

Velkro is all about sharing. Through the New Velkro activities might share stories, secrets, or jokes, but most importantly you’ll share a part of yourself with this new group of people you find yourself sharing time with. We’ve included some fun Velkro merch to help you keep that mentality past this one moment.